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Focusing Phase


What popped out at us during the scanning phase? What additional evidence do we need? How will we gather it? What are some strengths that your learners show in this area? How could we build on these strengths? What can we do more of more often? What is going to make the biggest difference for our learners? What can we most effectively tackle over the next few months?

As a result of an extensive scanning phase, and asking ourselves, "Where are we going to concentrate our energies so that we can enhance the experiences and success for our learners," we discussed the evidence we collected from students, parents and staff.  We know that we have many strong programs and focus diligently on Social Emotional learning.  This is an area we all agree we are strong in but need to continue to focus on building resiliency and empathy in students.  Our scanning of information really brought forward our need to focus on several themes:

  • Making students understand that mistakes are necessary and valuable. (Growth Mind Set)
  • Honouring that many students are not understanding math and are seeking greater clarity, more meaningful and relevant work, and want help from others.  (Making Learning Visible)
  • Parents and teachers want student to be able to better communicate and demonstrate evidence of their growth, and articulate next steps needed for improvement.  (Self-Assessment)
  • The majority of students feel very strongly that there are at least two or more adults that believe they will be successful

This brought us to more discussion of what will bring us the biggest impact to change our practice and to improve student learning.  We know we are doing well meeting students social/emotional needs, and maintaining a steady improvement of students meeting across curricular areas.  The next area of reasoning was our ability to change mind-sets and make the learning more visible to students and parents.