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Learning Phase


As we have only recently begun using the framework, a portion of our learning as a staff continues to be about the Spirals of Inquiry itself.  To that end, we have allocated time monthly in our Inquiry Committee Meetings and staff meetings to furthering our education of Spirals as to what it is, what it is not, and how to effectively engage in the process as we become more familiar with it. 

The feedback from the previous phases have allowed us to delve further into making learning visible.  We have groups working very diligently on Fresh Grade, Google Read and Write and making math make better sense.  Our math groups are inquiring about what they can be doing differently to enhance their practice to more effectively engage and support all students in their learning, particularly the reluctant learner.  Our guiding process throughout part of the process is, " How and where can we learn more about what to do?"   Our math groups in primary and intermediate are modeled after Catharine Fosnot's "Contexts for Learning."  We will also begin to delve more into the work and philosophy of Jo Boaler to help us create a Mathematical Growth Mind-Set. We have started focusing more on the environment to begin with and making problems meaningful.  The next steps for the math groups are to work towards mini-lessons (mental math and number talks, games and puzzles).   We have most of our staff working on one or more of the above also with the collaborative help of our district's ILT (Instructional Leadership Team).

In regards to the social-emotional aspect we will be enhance our existing programs with something new.  We will spend more time in staff meetings and with our school team bringing back more Growth Mind-Set strategies and approaches into the school-wide and classroom settings.