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Scanning Phase

As a staff that has recently engaged in the Spiral of Inquiry process for the first time, a large amount of time was spent in the scanning phase, asking the question, "What is going on for our learners?"  In order to create as large a scan of the learning landscape as possible, staff, students, and parents were involved in the process at various points.  For our first efforts, staff participated in the scanning phase during the fall of 2016 and were given time during multiple staff meetings, as well as Implementation Day, to discuss with colleagues what they were observing.  We in fact began our journey of understanding what was going on for our learners by working collaboratively with AS Matheson, South East Kelowna Elementary and the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT).  In order to address the question of "What is going on for our learners?" a number of different methods were also utilized.  Identified below are some of the main ways in which the staff engaged in the scanning phase.

  • School-wide and classroom observations

·       One to one conversations with individual students - survey developed by the staff

·       School-Wide Survey of our families

·       Development and review of classroom profiles for every class

·       School Based Team data

·       Conversations with parents

·       Review of feedback from school-wide data from staff

We then went deeper into understanding what the learning looked like from the student and parent perspectives.  This process of examining what we believe is important allowed us to create student and parent surveys.  These surveys were based on 5 essential questions from Linda Kaiser and Judy Halbert 's "Spirals of Inquiry".   Our questions were developed by our Committee and then were tested on a pilot group of students.  Following feedback and discussion we then improved the questions and brought these forward to our entire staff for discussion.  The questions we decided on are the following:

1)      Do you have adults who care about you? (What about at school? Who else?)


2)      Think about the school year.  What are you learning?  Why is it important?


3)      How is it going at school?  Can you tell me more about this?


4)      When you make a mistake/or a poor choice how do you feel and what do you do?


5)      What could help you be more successful?  Explain


We also went through a similar process in developing, piloting and asking parents for their feedback.  The difference being all staff members interviewed students one-on-one whereas we surveyed parents on-line.  We did receive a 25% parent participation rate which is considered high for an on-line school- wide survey.  All staff members interviewed a minimum of 7 students with half from their classroom and half randomly selected from other grades.  What was becoming noticeable during the scanning phase, and through many conversations about the scanning process is that several theme were becoming very evident.  This brought us to the focusing phase.