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Taking Action

-      Hosted a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) night for Bankhead Families  in February.  It  was well attended by over 200 peolpe from the           

        Bankhead community.

-       Shared Growth Mind Set Strategies at staff meetings throughout the school year and with parents at a PAC meeting. 

-       In September, The district technology team did an inservice to further develop knowledge using Fresh Grade‚Äč. Teachers worked collaboratively throughout the 

         year to further deveolop their skill sets in this area. 

-       Attending the workshop at HRES with the District team from Surrey who shared their learning journey with Fresh Grade-electronic portfolios

-       Continuing our understanding of the Spirals of Inquiry by Judy Halbert and Linda Kaiser

-       Sharing Learning Visible Lessons/Strategies forward in staff meetings from our Spirals Committee

-       Sharing more Growth Mind-Set ideas with students (especially in math)

-       Staff are invited to attend a weekly webcast byJo Boaler

-       Continuing our work in math by explicitly working to blend the core academic areas and competencies in their classrooms to make numeracy less abstract and make as many connections to the real world as possible classes in support of addressing the questions students have posed to themselves, and are seeking the answer to.  

Further, to make math more interactive, math teachers are reinvigortating their learning of Kagan structures and implementing them more frequently in class.  As well, a focus of math teachers