​New Student Absence Reporting System (SafeArrival)
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​New Student Absence Reporting System (SafeArrival)

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New Student Absence Reporting System (SafeArrival)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

All schools in the Central Okanagan Public School district are implementing a new and innovative Student Absence Reporting System this year, called SchoolMessenger SafeArrival. SafeArrival is currently being used in various districts across Canada with great success.

SafeArrival automates parts of the attendance process which helps our schools collect and manage student absences much quicker. This means we can track down missing students in minutes instead of hours. SafeArrival allows parents to notify the school in advance of any planned student absences. Parents can do so in a variety of secure ways:

  1. by using the SchoolMessenger SafeArrival App on your smartphone,

  2. by using the SchoolMessenger SafeArrival Parent Portal website, or

  3. by leaving a phone message at the school using the SchoolMessenger SafeArrival touch-tone system

For an overview of this new system, visit: http://www.sd23.bc.ca/SchoolMessenger

The SafeArrival system processes all reported absences, and promptly calls parents or guardians of students who have not yet been accounted for. When a parent or guardian receives an automated call, they can easily resolve the issue by providing a reason for the absence (and if they are unaware of the absence they are directed to call the school immediately to inform them that their student is missing).

By far the best thing for parents to do is to download and sign up using the SchoolMessenger SafeArrival app on their smartphone.  When using the app, parents can literally report absences in seconds, including absences for multiple days and for multiple children.  

The SafeArrival system can reduce the attendance management process by hours and since minutes count when attempting to locate a missing student, this time savings is incredibly important.

We look forward to working with all of you in our implementation of the SchoolMessenger SafeArrival system.


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