Kindergarten Vision Screening

Feb 27, 2018 08:45 AM

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Kindergarten Health Screening Information for Elementary Principals



RE:  Public Health Act – Child Health Screening Regulation (effective June 2010)


Interior Health completes annual vision screening in all kindergarten classes.


The new Child Health Screening Regulation allows the sharing screening results with the principal of the school to better support the students within the school, unless parents specifically refuse. You will therefore receive screening results for all students whose parents who have not opted out of either the screening itself or sharing results with the school.


Screening results will indicate whether students pass or refer. 

  • A PASS result indicates good vision.
  • A REFER result does not necessarily mean the student has a true deficit but only that further tests are needed. Public Health Staff follow-up with families whose children are referred for further testing.
  • Changes in classrooms should not be undertaken based on screening results.  Preferential seating and other changes should only be employed when diagnostic testing is completed and recommendations received from the health care practitioner/vision specialist or from the parent.
  • Students who have passed the screening but are experiencing some difficulties in the classroom/learning should still be referred to a health care practitioner for evaluation and further testing.


You may want to share the information with specialist teachers and/or programs to be aware of students who have passed the screening or who have received referrals for further testing. Diagnostic results can also be shared with the principal provider on request. However not all outcomes are reported to public health. Parents are encouraged to share this information with the school.


For further information about the screening result or follow-up, please contact the screening program.



Rhonda Benko


Vision Screener

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