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Photos available to purchase from the Family Dance & Spring Fling!

June 03, 2015

Dear parents/guardians:

We would like to thank Kreative Fotos for helping out at the school dance and our spring fling. Andy has posted all of the photos from both events on his website under "Bankhead". The pages are private and for your viewing only. You will need to enter the password Bankhead13KFP (case sensitive) to access the photos.

To raise money for the school, Andy has agreed to take orders of any of the images and email them to you as a 4x6 or 8x10 hi-res photo. We will charge $2 for each 4x6 and $5 for each 8x10. Choose your image and email the request to If you click on the image it will give you a photo number i.e. Bankhead School Dance - 2.  Please include the following details in your email: your name, student name and your telephone number.  The photos will be available until the June25th.

There are some amazing photos!!!

To make payment, please click on the following:  Online payments only.